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Too rough for carbon?

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5/12/2015 3:58 PM

I'm riding a 650b 6" 'enduro' style bike - a Spartan; I love the downhill on this bike but I am not the smoothest rider out there, it's just not my style. I've had (cheap light-bicycle brand) rims on my trail 29er and they worked out great for that bike for a long time but I outgrew the bike as I rode more aggressively and wanted a better DH performing feel that I could still pedal uphill.

I've had this newer burlier ride for less than 4 months of riding and I cracked the rear rim in two different places (photos here: - amazingly they still held a tubeless seal for more than a week this way), probably from running too low pressure down rock drops which I realize is not the best idea - I love the weight savings here but did I get unlucky or can I simply not ride the style I want to on carbon? I don't want to have this kind of downtime again as summer starts and I'm not likely to change my riding style. (Rider is 180lb with pack on).

Are carbon rims just not for me and the way I ride? Would this not have happened to a set of Enves?
What can you recommend as a solid, wide non-carbon alternative rim if you have any suggestions?


6/1/2015 7:07 PM

I think the better quality rims out there would provide you greater longevity and crash replacement support. The layup and design can be completely different for what is an identical looking rim. Just like alloys. All look the same but some are softer or more brittle than others. Cheers .


6/2/2015 9:24 AM

What kind of rim was it that you cracked? We've been interested in the durability of the "less-expensive" carbon hoop varieties out there now and just might have to buy ourselves a set, for science of course.


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