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History Lesson: Kamikaze

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5/3/2010 9:00 AM
Edited Date/Time: 4/21/2016 10:19 AM

Most of me is glad that we don't have to go 50+ MPH with 13 inch wide bars and 120mm stems anymore.

5/3/2010 9:36 AM

Grab your lycra shorts,it's downhill time.Half those guys probably raced the same bike in xc the next day.


5/3/2010 9:37 AM

the bars are SO NARROW!


5/3/2010 2:57 PM

dude at 1:20 knows what's up. he's got some dirty 30s slapped on there!


5/8/2010 10:52 PM

I fondly remember Myles Rockwell PINNING down that thing and the famous Johnny T pic in the all black skinsuit. Those were the days!


5/11/2010 7:39 AM

Ive got a pic from 1989 Mammoth, I had straight bars,no suspension and toe clips. and yes it was the same bike I entered the xc, uphill and trials on!


5/12/2010 8:29 AM

The first Kamikaze race was in 1985, and since the only previous downhill races were the ones I had put on at Repack, the promoter called me to help run the event. I acted as the starting timer, and the original "Repack" clocks were the official time pieces.


I didn't shoot the sheriff, but I may have eaten the posse.