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Fork Geometry help

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1/26/2015 3:16 AM

I am currently running a 650b Norco Sight with a revelation shock at 140mm. It is the RL model. Does it have a token or tokens that can be removed to increase it to 150mm travel If so how will that affect my ride quality, mainly climbing and descending? Thank you for your help....


1/26/2015 4:37 AM

the token's only change the volume of your air chamber, making it more or less progressive depending on how much you have
to change the travel and if it is like the pike you have to change the shaft


1/26/2015 10:56 AM

Go for it! The 10mm increase in travel will slacken the bike by about 0.4-degrees and pick up the bottom bracket a little bit. It'll make the bike just a bit more capable on the descents without hampering the climbs much at all.