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Do nothing wrong... Unicorn Days?

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11/17/2020 7:52 PM

I've brought up this topic before, but was recently reminded by a Max Fredrickson video on the Tube about unturndowns. I said they come from Aptos, some said the Swedes perfected them...

Have you ever had a riding session where everything just clicked and you could do nothing wrong? You rode to the spot in the hood. Felt out the the terrain. Then popped the trick like you never imagined? And then never did it again?

In one of my cases, the Shoulder Buzz had just become popular among the local RDogs and various McC's and such. And I wanted to catch up. I went to Derby Park on the Westside of Santa Cruz near my house where there was a sweet fly out from the main bowl to a grass downslope and into sand. I was good at all sorts of tables going way back but couldn't quite match that particular style. I knew that the wheels had to stay in line and I could table like that, but not close enough because I'm quite tall. So, frustrated, I threw the bike hard into it and ended up with the bike basically past ninety over my right shoulder. Left grip behind my right shoulder. A tangle of limbs being two meters and still kind of still flexible. I thought "That's cool." and did it five or more times figuring i'd nail it down for the next session at the dirt jumps. Then it never happened again. It was a solo ride. Empty park. I couldn't brag until I could reproduce it. But it was amazing while it lasted.

Anyone else?


11/17/2020 8:26 PM

Upon the tenth or so reading, I now recall that I abandoned the inline wheels at that point and just kind of threw the bike behind me. So I guess just a vertical look back table.


11/17/2020 9:27 PM

Isn't this the flow state?


11/18/2020 3:50 PM

Not on a bicycle, but I've had days like that a few times on the MX bike. It was like I had magic tires or something.