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Fox Fork Oil

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5/19/2011 4:18 AM

For reference sake, I have a 2011 Fox 36 Van RC2 Kashima.

What is the difference between FOX Red 10 wt damper oil and FOX Green 10 wt open bath oil?

Torco RSF Medium is rebranded as Fox fork oil and I assume that is the FOX Red 10 wt damper oil, so what is an ideal substitiute for FOX Green 10 wt open bath oil?

Does anyone have any experience using Red Line fork oil or Silkolene fork oil?

Fox Float Fluid is recommended for the seals and foam rings. I'm thinking of trying either KYB Grease for Seals and O-rings or white lithium assembly grease.

What is ideal for lubricating the seals and foam ring?


5/19/2011 11:23 AM

I like to saturate the foam ring in float fluid and use copious amounts of Slick Honey on the seals. Your open bath oil will work just fine for the foam ring if you have no float fluid. The float fluid sticks to the foam ring better and has less friction due to it's higher viscosity.


6/8/2011 10:23 AM

I second the motion of using Slick Honey for the foam rings and seals. White lithium would be a real mess and attract more dirt to the seal area. I'm a bit out of touch on quality of oils and Fox forks for that matter.


6/8/2011 1:04 PM

I also would recommend slick honey, which sold under its true name Slickoleum is a fraction of the price, you can get it here, about the foam rings, seeing as they're not integral to the performance of the fork i would just remove them and put grease in their place, the rings themselves just create a lot of friction weather they're lubed or not, plus they dry out fairly quick and that just creates more issues with the seals going dry which all create a lot of friction. If you insist on using them definitely soak them in Float fluid or Rockshox redrum lube and service frequently.


6/8/2011 2:56 PM

Thanks for the Slickoleum tip Dereka!

Just pulled the lowers off my 4 ride old 40's and almost no oil in the spring leg and dry foam rings. Shocker! But not really. I'm an advocate of pulling any new Fox apart after just a couple rides. Then fresh oil, foam ring soak, grease seals and spring every 8 rides. This may sound obsessive but it's easier than cleaning your drive train. It also increases performance and long term reliability of the fork.

Anyone else spraying the stanchions with silicone lube?


10/9/2011 7:56 PM

I don't think anyone answered this yet: The difference in the 2 colors is the red has more anti-foaming additives in its additive package, so is better for the FIT and FIT style dampers. The green has more lubricating properties so is better for use in your lowers and open bath forks. Using another brand of 10 weight is ok, but will be more like the green than the red in most cases.

When I soak my foam rings I mix float fluid and 15 wt but thats just me, some of our guys at the shop use just float fluid or just 10wt- it all works.

As for lubing the seals- lately I have using the liquid o ring PM1400 military grease. It's what rockshox recommends using in their forks and it works much better and lasts longer than slick honey- but it is kinda pricey.