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CCCX DH Race 1

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10/22/2009 3:16 PM

Hey guys, I'll be there pedaling for broke on my big bike. Hope to see tons of people, if you see someone on a yellow and blue Rocky Mountain Flatline say hi cause I don't think anyone else will be riding one.


10/22/2009 4:13 PM

got anymore info on the race/series?


10/24/2009 9:49 PM

sure thing. I am having trouble typing because I separated my shoulder today on my way to last place.

Fun race series, super cool vibe.


10/27/2009 10:19 PM

i personally think we should organize a (large) group and help keith out building some gnarly tracks....

CCX needs a bit of a over hall when it comes to difficulty, so i was thinking not to complain but take a shovel to the problem and make some hardcore, legit tracks...


"rip before you slip" -kevin horstmann

10/29/2009 6:11 PM

It was hard enough for me. I like it.