The Working Class of #USDH - The Inside Line MTB Podcast 1

Is the struggle to race World Cup Downhill worth it? Jack Rice finds out.

Welcome mountain bikers! Thanks for tuning into Vital MTB's The Inside Line podcast. We're going mobile today with Jack Rice in the pits at the Snowshoe World Cup Downhill. It's funny, Jack and I basically jinxed each other when we were texting, as we both wanted to cover the privateers at Snowshoe. The same old Elite Pit Bits galleries get a little old after so many back-to-back races. I figured we'd do a privateer Pit Bits, but Jack did what he does best. Instead of focusing on bikes, he got in there and helped tell the stories of U.S. Downhill's working class. Elite riders, juniors and team managers open up about the challenges and rewards of chasing their dreams. The interviews conclude with everyone's favorite commentator, Mr. Rob Warner. Rob's interview at the end does have some F-bombs dropped, so be aware if there are sensitive ears in the room. Long live #USDH

  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 1:11 - Jack Pederson
  • 3:27 - Austin San Souci
  • 9:00 - Abigail Ronca
  • 13:15 - Neko Mulally
  • 18:13 - Anna Newkirk
  • 23:16 - Doug Sharp, Gravity Academy
  • 29:35 - Cory Rimmer, Gravity Academy
  • 36:28 - Tyson Henrie, Outlaw United
  • 43:58 - Chris Grice
  • 46:48 - Decker Burnette
  • 49:32 - Etan Brevard
  • 51:40 - Mclure Bailey
  • 53:50 - Titus Nicholson
  • 56:01 - Rob Warner

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