Jackson Goldstone & Greg Minnaar - The Inside Line Podcast 5

Hucking bridges and $45,000 forks among other things.

Jackson Goldstone and Greg Minnaar of the Santa Cruz Syndicate join us on The Inside Line mountain bike podcast.


We met up with them at the Fox MTB headquarters as they were deciding on their new race kits for 2023 and debuting the new Union shoe. Jackson discusses his insane huck off a bridge at the Andorra World Cup. Greg talks about breaking his neck in Val di Sole, Italy, 20+ years of racing downhill, going from a super long V10 to reeling the length back in, the 45,000-Euro Showa forks on his Honda RN-01 downhill bike and more.

Video Contents

  • 0:00 - Intro / Thank You
  • 1:10 - Jackson Goldstone's Insane Andorra Huck
  • 3:08 - Greg Minnaar Breaks His Neck
  • 5:44 - Does Greg Get Nervous in the Start Gate?
  • 8:08 - Do Any Track Sections Scare Greg?
  • 10:19 - Is a Track like Val di Sole too Dangerous?
  • 11:10 - Greg Minnaar's Crazy-Long V10
  • 13:00 - What Would 2023 Greg tell 2001 Greg?
  • 15:00 - Greg Minnaar on the 2023 World Cup Season
  • 17:24 - Does Greg Minnaar Get High-Pivot FOMO?
  • 18:42 - $45,000 Suspension on Greg Minnaar's Honda RN-01 Bike

Next week, we'll continue with all the members of the Santa Cruz Syndicate - Laurie Greenland, Nina Hoffman, Jackson, Greg and even Steve Peat!

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See Jackson's Andorra POV run

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