Deity Supervillain Featuring Jaxson Riddle 1

Clay Porter x Jaxson Riddle x Deity = Rad x3!

20 years in the game and the visuals of DEITY have been shaped, formed, and sculpted by so many talented people. From creatives and riders, we have been fortunate to work closely with countless visionaries and none more prolific than Clay Porter. Connecting the eye of Clay with the most stylish rider in MTB, Jaxson Riddle, is a bucket list project for us and we are excited to debut the first in a series of DEITY edits that will be hitting steadily throughout 2024, “Supervillain”!


Elevated. Elegant. The new standard. Our approach with the SUPERVILLAIN pedal was not to simply make a new pedal. We wanted to make a true work of art, the ultimate concave masterpiece that is lighter, stronger, and sleeker than anything we have created prior. With only essential material remaining, we scoured every gram via classy radiuses and chamfered detailing around every pin and every corner. We are known for creating the world's greatest concave pedals and raising that bar was the launching pad for the new SUPERVILLAIN.

Unifying the language and focusing on our trademark non-offset pedal profile design, the SUPERVILLAIN shares the same symmetrical construct found on the acclaimed TMAC and DEFTRAP pedals. With increased support on the backside of the spindle, riders can find proper foot placement quicker, have a more solid engagement with the pedal, maximizing our industry leading 2.5mm deep concave profile (per side). Featuring a large 113mm x 105mm functional footprint and 14 dual access pins per side…the SUPERVILLAIN has a locked in feel that people love and expect from DEITY.

With a goal to reduce every gram possible, the skeletal structure of the SUPERVILLAIN pedal is a work of art with chamfered angles and smooth outside edges, reducing snags and hang ups on rocks. The SUPERVILLAIN elevates our premiere flat pedal line and takes what people love about the TMAC and raises the bar to new heights! With an emphasis on developing a pedal that is elegant and modern, we aim to amaze you with the level of detail found on every mm of this pedal. Welcome to the SUPERVILLAIN.


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