November 2013

Kurt Shimada always goes for it. We've seen countless edits from the Cali pinner over the past few years, and they always involve Kurt getting sideways whether it be on the ground or through the air. A staple of the Carlmont scene, Kurt has an ongoing love affair with the "Big Pimping" gap that has already sidelined him once but never kept him down for long. Fresh off a sweet edit that just failed to podium in Vital's Bar Drag Bounty III video contest, Kurt gets after it again to bring us a little November stoke (and eats a little fresh Big Pimping dust in the process!) Kurt, you and the Brand of the Brave are clearly a match made in heaven!

To reward Kurt for his selfless huckery and commitment to pinning it, Five Ten is sending him a pair of their latest masterpiece, the Five Ten Freerider VXi Shoe. Clearly, he needs 'em!

Congrats Kurt - you are Vital's Bravest for November 2013!

Time to find out just how brave you are. Five Ten, the Brand of the Brave, and Vital have teamed up to bring you a monthly search for the most daring among us. Whether you finally stuck that big drop, completed your longest trail ride ever, or overcame adversity or injury, we want you to be rewarded for your courage.

The contest runs monthly, and the rules are simple - we'll pick one Vital member-submitted mountain biking photo or video that best exemplifies bravery each month and reward the winning member with rad prizes from Five Ten. Think you have what it takes? Then get out there and inspire us!

To participate, just upload your photos and/or videos to Vital MTB.

At the end of each month, we'll announce the winner based on who stoked us out the most.

 Vital's Bravest is a monthly contest brought to you by Five Ten - the Brand of the Brave

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  • immortal

    12/5/2013 10:21 PM

    woo hoo! thanks.. i'll be gifting these to the camera man as you can see i already own a pair of these bad ass shoes in the video

  • GotShovel

    12/4/2013 10:49 PM

    No disrespect but I believe that was Medium Pimpin' not the massive Big Pimpn' in the same area. Also I agree with mtnryder Knarlmont is the opposite of forgiving. BruceS I've had those shoes for a few weeks now and love them. My old impacts had a better fit however the new vxi shoes fit looser in the same size for some reason. They are super stiff and maybe when they break in more they will fit closer to my impacts. I love the grip when standing but less so when seated on a long climb. I would buy them again if they wear as well as my impacts did.

  • Scharney127

    12/5/2013 11:44 AM

    That is Medium Pimpin'

    Mega Pimpin' is next to it, the original Big Pimpin' is no more than a 10 foot drop-in to the hip jump these days. Regulators.

  • mtnryder

    12/4/2013 8:11 PM

    Awesome Vid, and congrats on the new shoes!

    I had a similar crash on that gap. Some pins in my wrist and a little bit less feeling in my thumb, and I was back. Hit it once, just to say f u, but I am done with that gap! Sketchy... like most of the gaps at Carlmont. If you don't hit the tranny just right you are sliding on some marbles!

  • bruceS

    12/4/2013 2:43 PM

    Congrats, sweet vid....kicking ass as usual!
    What happened at the end, rock, bush, rut or a handful of front brake?
    I assume you walked away!?
    Once you get some hours on those shoes post up what you think of them if you would.
    See ya.

  • immortal

    12/5/2013 8:53 PM

    if you watch it closely you see my feet come off the pedal mid jump.. then i landed a little off to the side and my pedals clipped a plant and i went otb hard. i walked away... i'm good to go now.

  • bruceS

    12/6/2013 3:01 PM

    I watched again and I could see your right foot a couple inches off the pedal about half way out...good to hear your watked away.

    Ride on!

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