Bar Drag Bounty III with Kurt Shimada 17

Just trying to be cool. Thank you to Tyler and Vital MTB for hosting the best contest idea possible. Shred on.

Credit: Tyler Hatton. Music: Phoenix - Trying To Be Cool (The Chainsmokers Remix)
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  • GnarHuck

    10/31/2013 12:02 PM

    Wheres the bar dragging nice job guys

  • bruceS

    10/30/2013 4:42 PM

    you've really progressed over last years entry.......way to blast those corners !!

  • Scharney127

    10/28/2013 2:20 PM

    Murdered out trail muderer on his murder mobile

  • immortal

    10/28/2013 4:54 PM

    thanks will, i miss shredding with ya man.

  • bruceS

    10/28/2013 11:45 AM

    Nice out - of.... yet.... in control style...awesome!

  • DDDonny

    10/28/2013 7:18 AM

    Awesome video! Shred on, man...!

  • sean08

    10/27/2013 8:12 PM

    Breathe it in Buddy! Bathing in your crash roost never felt so good.

    Good stuff, super legit!

  • iMountainBike

    10/27/2013 8:11 PM

    So Good!

  • Iggz

    10/27/2013 7:57 PM


  • Big Bird

    10/27/2013 7:45 PM

    Winner. Was that the first legit bar drag in three years? Does Giant make a 27.5 Glory? I don't think this dude is gonna want to hang out on a trail bike much.

  • KevinR

    10/27/2013 7:36 PM

    enjoyed the jump and turn while landing into the berm at 2:08. Nice edit.

    Also, I didn't know that battlestar galactica cylons rode DH.

  • bturman

    10/27/2013 5:46 PM

    Yeah buddy!

  • sideshow

    10/27/2013 5:11 PM

    I can't remember the last time I watched an edit this long and thought it was kickass front to back. So rad. That dust was insane, it looked like smoke from earth-scorching speed. The outtakes showed just how wild it is to ride too. Fun stuff!

  • immortal

    10/28/2013 4:55 PM

    thanks i really appreciate all the positive vibe! my major motivation for filming is just to get other people stoked on riding as much as i am.

  • SuboptimusPrime

    10/27/2013 3:46 PM

    Nice. Loved the wrecks at the end too.

  • cmontjumper

    10/27/2013 1:56 PM

    soooo fast, nice edit Kurt!

  • bryan_d

    10/27/2013 1:08 PM

    3:10 is my favorite part because it reminds me of the Redbull slo-mo footage of MotoGP drifting. Moar!!!!!!

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