Vital MTB's Favorite Mountain Bike Rides in Sedona, Arizona 6

Ready to 'shred the red?!' This collection includes some of the best trails in Sedona.

You've no doubt heard of the mountain biking in Sedona by now. Spanning everything from mild to wild, this Arizona hot spot is highlighted by a huge variety of trails and incredible views. We've ridden here for years and keep coming back! The area is excellent during the spring and fall seasons, but we especially love it as a winter getaway when the dirt is at its tackiest.


Where To Ride

One glance at a Sedona trail map and you're likely to be simultaneously thrilled with all the options and perhaps a little overwhelmed by the number of trails. What do you ride and how do you link it all together? To have the best experience in this scenic spaghetti bowl, it's key to link trails together well as many of them flow best in a certain direction.

Vital's Favorite Trails:

  • Hiline going north
  • Sedona Vista to Brewer going east
  • Grand Central going south
  • Ridge going south
  • Slim Shady going north
  • Hangover counterclockwise
  • Teacup going east
  • Aerie going north

Suggested Rides:

Solid Pedal – 2-3 hours, 18 miles, 2,200' up/down, Intermediate
Ride Chuckwagon counter clockwise, connect to Mescal via Long Canyon and turn right on Mescal, east on Deadman's Pass, east on Aerie, clockwise around Cockscomb, Aerie west and back to the start. Going back up Mescal to Canyon of Fools can be great when the canyon is running well.

Great Descents – 2-3 hours, 14.5 miles, 2,500' up/down, Advanced
Ridge south all the way to Oak Creek, cross over Oak Creek, head up Templeton, blast down to Easy Breezy and go east, at the four-way intersection take Templeton east, then Hermit east, climb up Yavapi south, have a blast on Hiline (!), then go right on Baldwin, back across the creek, up Ridge, up Secret Slickrock, and back up Ridge to where you began.

Hogs and More – 2-3 hours, 13.5 miles, 2,200' up/down, Advanced
North on Slim Shady, HT, Little Horse, Broken Arrow, High on the Hog, Hog Heaven, Pig Tail, Peccary, Hog Wash, Broken Arrow, Little Horse, HT, Easy Breezy, Templeton, Hermit, Coconino, and Slim Shady back.

Tech Fest – 2 hours, 9 miles, 1,900' up/down, Advanced
Up Schnebly Hill Road to Cowpies, Hangover counterclockwise, then right on Munds Wagon.

Quick Rip – 1 hour, 5 to 7 miles, 800 to 1,000' up/down, Intermediate
Climb north on Adobe Jack until you reach Devil's Kitchen sinkhole. If you have extra time, climb north on Soldier Pass Road, then south on Soldier Pass trail to see the Seven Sacred Pools. Head east on Jordan, right on Ant Hill, climb up to the vista then rip down Grand Central, and cruise back up Crusty.

Sedona Bike Park
The bike park at Posse Grounds features a variety of pump and jump trails, a dual slalom course, and a massive pump track. It's increasingly fun every time we visit.

Where To Stay

Sedona Real Inn and Suites is an excellent destination hub for mountain bikers, and many of the rides listed above start nearby. From the hot tub to the fire pit and BBQ, we love their amenities! If you're looking to camp, the Sedona MTB Festival website has a great list of options and resources.

Where To Shop, Get More Trail Beta & Demo Rides

Need to get a replacement part, have your brakes bled, find out how the trails are running or get directions? We're big fans of the crew at Over The Edge Sedona. They have an impressive demo fleet if you're looking to ride something new or don't have your bike with you.

Where To Eat

Sedona is a food lover's paradise. We love the incredible Mexican dishes at Elote Cafe (arrive early), post-ride burritos at Tortas de Fuego, getting a quick fix from the Whole Foods food bar, or stopping by Wildflower Bread Company for great options any time of day. Indian Gardens Cafe and Market is also a great stop on your way in or out.

Have anything to add? We welcome your suggestions for must-ride trails, great shops, restaurants, and tips in the comments!

This feature was made possible by Sedona Real Inn and Suites, a great place for mountain bikers to stay and play.

Photos by Brandon Turman and Lear Miller


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