Vital MTB Social Scoop 3

Big hucks, big splashes, creative combos and even some spandex in this week's Social Scoop.

Foam pits, airbags, resi ramps and lakes. Safety first means creativity and comedy even more first.

More bounce to the ounce.

More hang time than Jordan and Spud Webb combined.

Old dog, new trick but we want to know how Claw's claws didn't puncture the airbag.

Water, the poor man's foam pit. #huckerforlife

Our boss keeps harassing us about more XC content because he enjoys pedaling up hills and researching Strava climbing times. With this kind of style, however, does this post even count as XC? We'd label this freeride in spandex - FreeDex or SpandRide (TM).


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