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Marilyn Manson follows Sam Hill.

So I'm eating dinner last night and my phone dings. It's a text from Clay Porter (you know, that guy who made a bunch of super incredible mountain bike movies over the years). He randomly noticed that Marilyn Manson, the highly controversial music performer, follows Sam Hill. Marilyn Manson has 2.4 million followers. He doesn't look terribly active on Insta with only a handful of posts, but he only follows 409 people. One of them is Selena Gomez. Another is Sam muthf#@&ing Hill. Pretty incredible, the reach of flat pedals. Guaranteed Marilyn wouldn't follow Sam if he clipped in and if Marilyn ever saw this, he'd probably make fun of us for censoring muthf#@&ing. Sorry, MM. -gordo



Jungle Book DH or the most renegade trail builder ever. Don't tell IMBA.

Wild what a handful of millimeters and degrees can do. It's so rad to see this progression. Yay bikes!

Brage RAW

Turn the other Chico. Kyle Warner for President, 2048. (P.S., we're too lazy to look up and see if there's actually an election in 2048, so feel free throttle us if we're wrong. Actually in the time it took to type this apology, we could have just looked it up).

@patrickschweika sending it at @audinines ?

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Truly deserving of the word "BANGER!"

We thought this was a #TBT to 1998. It's not. Bring back urban hucking.


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