Vital MTB Social Scoop 3

All the MTB Instagramming that's actually worth seeing this week.

Instagram is the easiest way to get your marketing message out to a bunch of people who will forget about it 20 seconds later. Fortunately for mountain bikers, the overwhelming amount of Rampage posts have subsided. Unfortunately for mountain bikers, half of the posts now feature snow, snowmobiles (sorry, "sleds"), going SnoreBoring™ or racers posting pics of the 2017 season with captions that say, "the weekend be like..."

So you can rot your brain less on the scrolling satan of phone apps, we've picked out some of the less-forgettable, MTB-related (barely) posts from early December 2017.

Aaron Gwin Gets a McLaren (price tag about $190,000)

gordo: That's neat and all Gwin, but it's no Yaris.

iceman: Watch out pro football, MTB is coming for you.

Meanwhile, Back in the Gym - Sam Hill's Work Out

Staying strong ✊? @f45trainingarmadale @_empir .coaching_ @mrs_samhill

A post shared by S A M • H I L L (@samhill13) on Dec 8, 2017 at 2:33am PST


gordo: Dancing with the Stars training coming along nicely.

iceman: To think that he won all those other titles "without" training.../sarcasm

Meanwhile, Back on the DH Track - Troy Brosnan Hauling

Top minute of the Cannonball race track! Shot on my @gopro

A post shared by Troy Brosnan (@troybrosnan) on Dec 9, 2017 at 1:12pm PST


gordo: Faster than a McLaren?

iceman: On your right!

Welcome to the 29er Show

When everyone be testing dem big wheels this off season.

A post shared by The Syndicate (@scsyndicate) on Dec 8, 2017 at 2:11pm PST


gordo: Syndicate trying to win the season before it starts once again.

iceman: The first rule of 29er club is...

Croatian Cribs Battle

gordo: Put that popcorn emoji right here.

iceman: You know the squids shot that with their drone, it probably took off from the balcony of their youth hostel down the street.

Bikes Not Butts?

Thanks to @joanna.petterson for the "bikes not butts" title idea poach.

gordo: Looks like there may be issues with Rachel's clothing sponsor.

iceman: Rachel is making the move to beach volleyball. #teamrumors

#wheellove 1

buildin and hittin this for #wheellove ??@samdale90

A post shared by josh bryceland (@ratboy_bryce) on Dec 6, 2017 at 9:38am PST


gordo: Over-aged kids playing with dirt piles on bicycles. #thereason. #alwaysfollowtherat (watch the full video here)

iceman: Rat is like a Pringle, once he pops, he can't stop.

#wheellove 2

Gnarliest 3 attemps from @jp_sculpt for wheel love, his .commitment and energy are inspiring

A post shared by Craig Evans (@craig_sevenevans) on Dec 7, 2017 at 1:35am PST


gordo: Typo ignored. Riding not. #allhailcraig

iceman: Never give up. Although sometimes. Sometimes you can give up.

Richie Rude Rides Rocks

Got some good weather and tried a new riding spot thanks to @wille .cooper #bestbuds #yeticycles #jibsess

A post shared by Richie Rude (@richie_rude1) on Dec 4, 2017 at 12:05pm PST


gordo: Actual kids playing on rocks with bikes. #thereason #alwaysfollowrichie

iceman: The jib is strong with this one. #endurotrials

Remy Metailler Heavy Hucking

gordo: Ronny Mac would go.

iceman: That sounds suspiciously close to "nope." 

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