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What's Inside Vital Gear Club Box #8? 3

A big stack of MTB products fills up box #8 of Vital Gear Club, our mountain biker subscription service.

What's Inside Vital Gear Club Box #8?

February. Winter is in full force. Maybe you had a bit of “Juneary” to get on the trails, but overall you are frothing for hero dirt arriving soon. Maybe you are spending time in the garage doing the full bike overhaul just to stay sane. Or maybe you are just watching the World Cup replays over and over. Either way, we have another rad Vital Gear Club box for you!


Ritchey Torque Key – Hopefully you are giving the whip some winter maintenance love. Maybe you picked up some new handlebars or rotors. Well, now you can eliminate the dreaded hamfist with this 5nm preset wrench to avoid crushing carbon parts or stripping aluminum threads. Featuring a full bit set, you can tighten almost everything on your bike and feel confident about your setup. Use this only to check torque while tightening bolts. Avoid loosening bolts with the wrench, so you don't disrupt wrench calibration.

Birzman Tape Measure – This may seem odd at first, but once you start taking measurements and putting more thought into small tweaks and refinements, this little tool can be a real game changer. A dedicated metric bike tape measure will be a new favorite tool.

Crank Brothers Gem Long Pump – We love the beauty of C02 inflators for on-bike, trailside maintenance, but we also know the convenience of having an extra pump stashed in the vehicle. Your riding buddy that doesn’t own a pump (or a multi-tool, or a functioning bike) will be glad you have one, too. Whether this is a new, primary pump or one for backup, we know it will get used.


Orange Seal Tubeless Sealant – It’s always handy to have sealant. And you know you should probably replace yours if it’s been a bit. Since it’s the doldrums of winter, do yourself a solid and drop in some new goo. Orange Seal is our favorite, and will probably become yours.

Sock Guy Camper Socks – Socks. You always need socks. As a kid, socks were the worst gift from anyone. As an adult, they are the greatest. As a rider, they are a requirement. Enjoy.

Pedro’s Bike Lust – We love bike lust. It cleans. It polishes. It smells amazing. All around awesomeness. So polish up your whip and get some good photos of it for the Vital MTB Bike Check section.

Skratch Bar – Fuel. These are some of the best-tasting bars with less sugar than most. Win-win.

Sticker Pack – You know how these work. We took some of our favorite Gear Club art, like Dirt Surfer and Endurocell, and put them in sticker form – along with the classic, “Going Downhill Fast.” Your toolbox/truck/fridge/growler/cooler/etc. will now look 150% better.

If you have any problems with your order or with the products in your Gear Club box, we’re here to help. Please contact us via email – If you need to make changes to your account, login at

Once again, thank you for being a part of the Vital MTB Gear Club. We can’t wait to send you another great surprise package in just two months! If you would like to post about Gear Club on social media, please use #vitalmtbgearclub.

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