#USDH Heavyweights Discuss the National Champs DH Course 2

Gwin, Klein, Harrison, MacKinnon and Cometti weigh in on the proper National Champs DH course at Snowshoe, West Virginia after the first day of bone-shaking practice.

When you're one of the fastest American downhillers, but you're injured for U.S. National Champs, you get harassed by Vital MTB to get audio from the heavy-hitting competitors. Neko Mulally may not be able to hold on to the bars for a full DH run, but he can hold a phone to get some first-day impressions of the Snowshoe, WV DH course. He checks in with Aaron Gwin, Bruce Klein, Kiran MacKinnon, Charlie Harrison and Luca Cometti for the 411 on this wicked East Coast punisher of a track.

Aaron Gwin, first-time Snowshoe visitor

John Hall doing some bike whispering to Gwin's YT know that the rocks can't hurt it today.

Bruce Klein, winner of the last two Pro GRT rounds

Bruce and Logan Binggeli buddy shot.

Charlie Harrison, fresh off a 14th at Lenzerheide

Nik Nestoroff not as easily distracted as Charlie.

Kiran MacKinnon, always a podium threat

Luca Cometti, your Pro DH course tour guide

We had to throw in a photo of Luca and Walker Shaw just so we could say there's a 29er in the race.

Thanks for the track-side scoop, Neko. And while we enjoyed this thoroughly, we'd rather see you on the bike, so heal up!

Watch Vital RAW from the practice session the boys above were discussing. #USDH


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