Spank Drops Prices and Drops New Product, Too

The 2019 lineup for Spank includes the new Oozy 220 saddle. This saddle is interesting because it uses a 3D-molded construction with tuned flex points in the center along the edges to allow the saddle to form to your body without the creation of pressure points. It still maintains a very thin profile and stiffness where it matters in the impact zones. The number 220 indicates the volume of padding in the saddle and Spank suggested that they will be creating additional models in the near future. The added models go along with their new Human Factor design goal allowing customers to choose components to customize their ride.

Also new from Spank is the Sam Reynolds signature freeride saddle, AKA “The Sniff.” This saddle features a very high-friction cover and low-friction sides making it both durable and easy to grab for tricks in the air. It gets the nickname “The Sniff” because when Sam Reynolds is stretched out doing a superman, it’s right in his face.

Spank is also excited to have released new 35mm versions of their handlebars including the Spike 35 and Oozy 35 handlebar. The Oozy 35 is one of the lightest on the market with a 25mm rise and 780mm width. The Spike 35 features Spank’s Vibrocore material inside and a massive 820mm width. As you can see from the graphics, Spank has toned things down a bit for the new year with more subtle designs that should work really well with more bikes.

Another exciting bit of news is that their stems have all been reduced in price for 2019 with the Spike series including their direct mount stems dropping from $79 to $50 and the Spoon series of stems going from $50 to $40. Spank is able to reduce their prices thanks to in-house manufacturing and optimizing things along the way.

Finally, there has been some development on the Vibrocore rim side as well. Spank has already offered the Spike 350 and Oozy 350 wheels designed for downhill and enduro use. They’ve got more things in the works though which will allow riders who prefer a stiffer wheel in the vertical direction more options for customization depending on the tracks they are riding. Stay tuned.

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For US purchasing, head over to The Gravity Cartel.

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