Almost Heaven - Snowshoe Bike Park Has It All 5

Build your jumping and turning skills on fun, flowy intermediate trails or challenge yourself on rugged, world-class DH terrain in the heart of West Virginia.

John Denver said West Virginia is almost heaven and that was even before our two-wheeled, off-road fun machines existed. Today, the state is even more heavenly thanks to Snowshoe Bike Park, some four hours west of Washington D.C. and four hours south of Pittsburgh. Snowshoe houses a diverse and extensive network of trails that range from groomer beginner-friendly runs to World Cup-caliber DH courses filled with rocks and roots. Running during the summer months at the well-established ski destination, Snowshoe's bike park has been in development for over a decade and the commitment to mountain biking shows through its high-quality trails and comprehensive choice of outdoor activities and on-site amenities. Enjoy some POV runs that show just what Snowshoe has to offer.

Skyline Trail - Build Your Jump and Turn Skills

If you're new to gravity-fed mountain biking, Skyline Trail at Snowshoe is the perfect introduction to flow trails. Those experienced on two-wheels who want some quality jumping practice will love the trail, too. This inviting flow trail is wide, smooth and has more jumps and berms than you'll be able to remember by the time your finished. Top-to-bottom runs can take anywhere from 7 to 10 minutes and you can easily roll up and down every jump or try to pop the lips and make it to the backsides. The turns are well-built and momentum is easily carried throughout the entire run. Pump, lean and smile your way down the mountain as you learn to catch some air.


Ninja Bob, Missing Link & Sweet Dreams

Make some killer trail combos at Snowshoe. Warm up on a blue flow trail like Ninja Bob to get your rhythm on lock then turn it up a notch on a steeper, faster flow trail with bigger jumps like Missing Link. There are plenty of ways to mix-and-match riding style and terrain with both flow and natural trails criss-crossing down the mountain.


Full-tilt, Expert-Only DH

The U.S. National Champs course combined some of Snowshoe's most iconic trails and terrain. Aaron Gwin, possibly the greatest downhill racer of modern times, visited Snowshoe for his first time at the 2017 U.S. National Championships. He said, "I was surprised. It's a technical, difficult track. I had a lot of fun. The whole atmosphere and vibe here is really cool."

Luca Shaw and Neko Mulally, two other successful World Cup downhillers are also regular faces at Snowshoe, racing at the mountain throughout their amateur days. Alongside beginner-friendly trails is world-class, race-ready terrain open for those up to a two-wheeled challenge.

Explore the trails and visit for more information on this East Coast mountain biking must-visit! The bike park is open through October 1st and they offer bike rentals, skills clinics for all abilities and a variety of other outdoor activities. There's a DH race coming up on August 19-20th and the West Virginia Enduro State Champs on September 2nd.

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