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Knee pads are the staple of a rider's gear these days. Downhillers, freeriders and dirt jumpers value their knee pads as much (if not more) than their helmets. If you injury your knees, you're going to be sitting on the sidelines, and no one wants that.
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The Pro-Tec Gravity Knee Pad is leg protection that will find a happy home as it hugs your knees during your riding adventures. Pro-Tec has a long history in the protective gear world. My first skate lid (many moons ago) was a Pro-Tec and some of my first knee pads for skating were Pro-Tecs. When they began offering mountain biking protection, I was stoked to give them a try.

PhotoThe pads are solid. When you first pick them up, you notice that they are built with solid materials and a thick, but flexible inner hard cap. Sliding them on, out of the box, they may seem a bit more rigid than what you'll be used to, but after a few runs, they break in and move as you move.

I noticed the knee cup's outer material right away. The durable nylon was a nice change from the other internal-cupped pads out right now. The nylon material just makes sense. It is not a grippy, soft material, so your pads aren't pulled down on impact as with other pads. I never understood why internal-cupped pads were grippy on the outside because of this "pull down" factor or the grabbiness when wearing the pads under jeans. The Pro-Tec's stay put and even with the graphics on the cup, they slide through impact, rather than grab and stay put.

I wore the Gravity Knee Pads for 4 days of riding at Ray's MTB and forgot they were on, half the time. Two of those days, I had the pads on for over 8 hours and never thought twice about them. Additionally, I wore them comfortably for a portion of this past summer while doing downhill runs at the SolVista Bike Park. I'll continue to use them and am stoked everytime they go on.

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Pro-Tec Gravity Knee Pad Features

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