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Rocks, bikes and bodies are flying at the Pro GRT in Windham, New York, where the course is flat-out.

Windham Mountain is a legendary East Coast track.  First raced here in 2008, its debut was met with resounding praise.  It was steep, loose, fast, and gnarly and would become a paradigm shift for racing in the US. Windham became a World Cup round in 2010 after riders voicing their enthusiasm for the track were taken seriously and a petition was put forth.  On a world scale, the venue quickly became iconic, known for its insane speeds, equally as mad fans, and tight racing.  Stunning runs of jaw-dropping riding still replay online, Aaron Gwin's winning run in 2015 (the last time the World Cup made a stop here) is on a loop in the mountain's shop.  This venue has been on the local DH race calendar every year since 2008 and is a staple among riders in their "what's your favorite track" list.

Use of the WC track in varying iterations is the main draw on a local level, and with UCI "HC" ranking this year, the Pro GRT is an opportunity for some Elite riders to try and score hotly-sought-after points to make the jump from domestic to international competition - and if you can race Windham, you have earned your stripes to have a go away from home.

Practice got underway in a typical fashion, with riders drifting, hucking, and causing general calamity as loose shale ricocheted off bikes, bodies, and course poles alike.

Enjoy the action, comradery and interviews from Zach Faulkner 

Ella Skalwold puts the finishing touches on the race machine before setting out for practice.

A slow burn is sometimes best, Steve Walton is the true pro at chilling for a while and then letting it rip.
He may have only taken two runs, but Steve Walton sure made the most of them!

Steve Walton in audio

Matt Maienza is a new face for many, but that's only because he spends the whole day in the Fox van fixing the pieces the riders destroy.
Many people look forward to the end of the day right from the start.

Windham is a quaint location, the only thing it really needs is wifi...

Practice started at 9, but registration opened at 9...poor planning meant most riders were finally on track an hour and a half after practice opened - Kiran MacKinnon managed to be one of the first on track in the less-than-crowded morning session.

The start is flat, not much else to say...Austin Hackett-Klaube does his best to find speed.

Austin Hackett-Klaube in audio

Everyone saw this gap, Kiran MacKinnon was the first to make it happen. It's big considering how slow the entrance is - quite the pull!

Kiran MacKinnon in audio

Seth Hanson was quickly up to speed and sending this feature which few riders were managing early on.
Seamus Powell was on track incognito.
Frida Helen Ronning and Angelina Palermo talk line choice in what is perhaps the rowdiest section of the track.
They concluded it's no prob-llama.  L.O.L.
Frida Helena Ronning keeping it steady in the rough.  She bought a stiffer spring after practice though...this track is burly.
Angelina Palermo chasing down Frida, sussing out the fast lines.

Frida and Angelina in audio

Opting to roll for control, Ella Skalwold eyes up the chute ahead.

Zach Gareis keep the knees way wide on the Doom Drop, avoiding any trouble.

Inside or outside?  Ant Bielefeld opts inside and lets it sliiiiiide.
The outside is rougher here, but the exit speed might be worth it.  Logan Binggeli eyes up catch corner.

Charles Frydendal stretches out instead of sending it deep.

There are some tight insides and outsides which can aid in speed retention, as shown here by Sean Leader.

Max in audio

Some inside lines here aren't really an option unless you hate your toes and downtube.

The Hart Huck is looking rougher than ever, Shane Leslie keeps it low and down the center.

Shane Leslie in audio

A West Coast face in the East, Trent Del Grippo was looking noteably quick...
Jordan Newth likes this place, looking comfortable in the loose conditions.

Anthony Evans is returning from injury, but you'd never know - charging hard on one of the fancy Prototype Norcos!

Anthony Evans in audio

Bruce Klein took no time to get up to speed...

Bruce Klein in audio

He was flying top to bottom.
Perhaps a little too hot on this run thought!
Plenty of run out here at least.
Unscathed, just a little surprised!

Kyle Grau using all the suspension and traction available to hit this corner flat out.

Kyle Grau in audio

George Ryan diving into the light. It's a heavy contrast from the ski slope to the woods!

This track was made for riders like Damon Sedivy, charging and leaving a wake of tumbling shale.

Rafa Gutierrez was keeping it fast and tight on the unpredictable track, which was impressive to see.

Josh Rogers was taking a lot of laps, usually leading a train with friends and hollering the whole way!
The little huck is sketchy, if Austin Hackett-Klaube's eyes are anything to go by.

Walker Shaw paused mid-send, but you know he made it look smooth.

Walker Shaw in audio

The "Big Whoops" are more like lil' bumps when you're Walker Shaw.

Vital RAW from the Pro GRT, Windham

PINNED POV with Bruce Klein at Windham



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