POC Creates New SPIN Helmet Pads to Reduce Rotational Injuries, Lightweight Knee Pads, and Fresh DH Apparel 1

Good stuff from the Swedish brand who is always pushing material and protection technologies.

POC SPIN Pads and New Helmets

The desire to reduce rotational violence as the result of a crash is becoming increasingly common. MIPS lead the charge for a several years with their yellow-colored shear layer, but in recent months we’ve seen many brands devising their own method of achieving a similar result. POC’s version is called SPIN, short for ‘Shearing Pad Inside,’ which uses silicone-injected pads that are easily smear-able to allow the helmet to move around the head in a crash. The pads are very simple and were tested in the same facility MIPS uses to prove their capabilities.

For those with older helmets, POC plans to offer a retrofit system in the future. You’ll find the pads in the $250 Octal X SPIN, $220 Tectal Race SPIN, and $275 Coron Air SPIN for 2018.

The Coron Air features a multi-impact EPP liner and has lost a very impressive 300-400g weight, nearly $200 from the price tag, and gained quick-release pads for easier removal by emergency personnel. On the ventilation front it has wider channels throughout with new holes in the EPP and two larger vents in the chin.


POC Ora Goggles

Also new from POC are the $90 Ora goggles, their first MTB specific design. They feature a flexible polyurethane frame that can be wadded up without issue. The goggles have a wide field of view and are designed to integrate with the Coron Air helmet seamlessly. They sit tight against the face and leave very little space between the helmet and goggle to ensure that no bugs or dirt enter the area.

Similar to Smith's goggles, the new POC Ora goggles eliminate the foam that surrounded the outer edge of the goggle, allowing more air to vent through the lens area. The slits are a bit tighter than the Smith goggles, however, which should keep unwanted insects at bay.

POC will offer the Ora goggle in 3 models, including a no-foam version for trail use and a DH version with tear-off pins and foam around the outside for when trail speed picks up. The third goggle will feature POC’s new Clarity lens which is a collaboration with Carl Zeiss Vision and is a lens specific to the application. In the MTB world, it features a spike yellow and orange tint which allows you to see more greens and browns. The same technology is integrated into eight of POC’s sunglasses.

POC VPD Knee and Elbow Pads

New for 2018, POC is introducing a very lightweight knee and elbow pad under the VPD Air family. These pads feature an ultra-smooth material 360-degrees that feels nice and slick to encourage leg mobility and no bunching at the bend of the knee or elbow. There are no seams along the back. The front of the pad has a nice durable material to hold up in the event of a crash. The pads extend a long way to help cover the dreaded gaper gap and help ensure they stay put. Inside the pad you’ll find numerous silicone grippers in the shape of a POC logo.

POC Raceday DH Jersey

POC has condensed their clothing to the Raceday, Resistance, and Essential lines. Within the Raceday category we were introduced to a new long-sleeve jersey. This features several technical fabrics including an aerodynamic fabric on the back designed to reduce the impact of drag due to wind. All the fabrics used are lightweight and flexible. The white material you see feels as though it will resist staining, and the bottom half of the jersey is very light and airy to keep you cool.

POC Resistance Pro DH Pants

POC’s downhill pants have proven to be popular thanks to their use of technical materials and a nice fitted design. For 2018 they’ve redesigned the pant slightly to include a new covered zipper that extends almost all the way to the knee, allowing you to adjust your kneepads without having to remove your pants. There’s a snap closure at the bottom cuff, a crash resistant fabric at the knee and sides, Velcro waist adjustment, two large side pockets and one back pocket to ensure you’ve got room for all the essentials. Four-way stretch fabrics are used in key locations to ensure good mobility.

Slide on over to www.pocsports.com for more details.

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