Adding Weights to the Bike? Orange Bikes at Eurobike 2018 1

Prototype Strange 329 DH bike, Stage 6, Stage 5 and Alpine 6 bikes from Orange, all hand-made in England.

Adding Weights to the Bike? Orange Bikes at Eurobike 2018

Orange Bikes had the latest version of their prototype Strange 329 29er DH bike on display.  Designed from the ground up around 29-inch wheels, the bike is so light they've been experimenting with adding additional weight to the frame to give it a bit more stability.  Additionally, the increase in weight of the frame changes the ratio between sprung and unsprung weight, making the unsprung weight relatively less in comparison.


If you've ever spent much time on an e-bike you've probably noticed how this relationship translates into vastly different suspension feel.  The same is true, in theory, for additional weight being added to the frame but with a much less drastic change to the feel of the suspension as you might encounter on a 50-pound e-bike.

In addition to the 29er prototype they also had the latest production versions of their 327 DH bike, as well as their Stage 5, Stage 6, and Alpine 6 trail bikes.

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