New 2018 Offerings from HT Components 2

None more black and some flat pedal pieces from HT.

HT's Murdered-Out X2 and T1 Pedals

HT Components are offering their X2 (what Aaron Gwin and Troy Brosnan use) and T1 pedals in a new all-blacked-out colorway. The for coloring is to how black spokes are made by using a black dye instead of anodizing. This lets the color permeate deeper into the alloy and helps prevent scratching.

HT Supreme and Leap Flat Pedals

HT showed off their Supreme Leap flat pedals. The Supreme has been used by Brett Rheeder and Martin Soderstrom, is available in 10 colors and weighs 368g. The pedal has a platform area of 100x100mm and is 17mm thick with a cro-mo axle. The Leap features a different shape slightly larger 110mm platform, also with 17mm thickness. Retail for either pair of pedals is $110 USD. They’ve also made a composite/nylon version of the Leap called the PA03A. $68 USD gets you these plastic puppies.

Thinner HT Cleat

HT revealed a new cleat that has the same exit feel as previous HT cleats but is sligthly thinner than their current offering. The lower profile means easier entry and it has been favored by XC and trail riders who have tried them out.

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