Muc-Off started in 1994 by producing first-ever commercially available bike cleaner. Now they offer more than 100 different products that can be categorized into clean, protect and lube segments of bike care.

Muc-Off Mechanic’s Glove

The Mechanic’s Glove is a washable glove for all types of bike work. It’s built from a polyester mesh with palms and fingers featuring a polyurethane coating. The goal was a natural-feeling glove that mimics disposable gloves in a latex-free and re-usable package. 6.99£

Muc-Off Dot 4 Brake Fluid

Muc-Off’s new Dot 4 brake fluid formula resists boiling up to 320 degrees C (608 F), so heating your brakes up to the point of fluid failure is far from likely. They’re working on a mineral oil equivalent and a 250ml bottle runs 20£.

Muc-Off Nanotube Bike Chains and Lube

A couple years ago Muc-Off introduced ultra-low-friction hand-treated nanotube bike chains, worn into optimum efficiency on a machine. A promised 10-watt savings was the result. For most mountain bikers on Vital, that’s a foreign language, but for those rolling Iron Man triathlons, that’s a savings equal to 3 miles over the 112 mile ride portion of the race. Racers with no budget restrictions would shell out for the the hand-treated chains, but now Muc-Off has a standardized chain that’s not pre-worn but has the nanotube treatment for 109£ (still spendy). If you’re the thrifty type looking for wattage savings, the Nanotube Lube is available for 50£ for a 50ml bottle which equals 6 to 8 applications and a 1-2 watt savings.

Muc-Off’s Team Sky Hydrodynamic Lube with UV Dye

The Team Sky Hydrodynamic Lube features a UV additive and comes with UV light that you can shine on the chain. If there’s lube on the chain, you’ll see it light up. If you’ve missed a spot, you’ll know where to add lube. Clever and 16£. to clean, protect and lube up.

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