While everyone else was busy negotiating millions of dollars in sales and deals, we were taking pictures of mannequin junk and urinals. Welcome to the Mandalay Bay convention center for Interbike's indoor trade show. 

Ok retailers, let's set 'em up. Retailers ready? Watch the doors. 

There's an app for that.

Larger-than-life-sorta-pro with Charlie Sponsel

Larger-than-life-uber-pro with Fairclough and some photobomber for scale.

When you're only sorta-pro and your photo isn't as big as Fairclough's, you resort to extreme guerrilla marketing tactics to pick up the slack. Success.

All we see is Wu-tang

Someone has it figured out. Day 1, 9:10am.

26 Ain't Dead

This guy here...

Should replace that guy down there...

So we don't see this stuff flying everywhere.

Belgian Flionck Up?

Spelled backwards?

Maybe it.

Not it.


Eddie Masters, is that you?

We've just scratched the surface, so stay tuned.

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