How Do You Pick Fort William's Nastiest Whip? 4

Is it possible to actually pick a favorite whip from these photos? We give you the opportunity to try.

We know it's all subjective. Judging motowhips with different styles and different photo angles from a race (where there final results are completely subjective) seems a bit odd, doesn't it? Well, the @squidsontour had too many photos stacked up in their hard drives from Fort William last week and were frantically trying to devise a way to get more eyeballs on the images. Even with today's social-media saturation, the squids were not content - they wanted to show off more shots. We proposed a contest where you, the Vital viewer, vote and the winning rider gets $100 during track walk at Leogang. They bit and here we are. No sponsors, no crowns, no gimmicks, just the most ludicrous rear-wheel-high contorted kickouts from the Fort William World Cup.

Even though there will be a winner by vote, we, as viewers, are the real winners here. Look at the horizontal hucking we have going on! It's impossible to say one is better than another. But, perfomances aside, any quantifying of public opinion is bound to be riddled with scandal, so here are our predictions. Bernard will try to buy votes knowing that spending $87 to make $100 is still profit. Kade and Kaos won't even know this is happening because they're too young and probably don't know what a website is. Reece Wilson is still so buzzing (and now zen) from his podium that focusing on money isn't important in the game of life. Brendan just launched a new handlebar, so he's busy being BizDog. Thomas Estaque and Alex Marin are sleepers who should never be slept on and Vali Holl is on freaking fire, putting half the men to shame as we scrolled through the original 165 photos submitted by Sven, Boris and Dan before narrowing them down to 8. From 165 photos to 8. You should see the angry texts from Sven asking why X photo isn't included. #editlifewinsnofriends

Look. Vote. Look again in disbelief. Comment on how your choice is undeniably the best.

(BTW, Dan had a shot of Danny Hart from the BDS that could have won this thing! Too bad it was a few days too early.)

Kaos Seagrave
Vali Höll
Alex Marin
Bernard Kerr
Thomas Estaque
Reece Wilson
Kade Edwards
Brendan Fairclough

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The squids will hand the winner $100 during Track Walk at Leogang this Thursday, most likely while surrounded by international news outlets.


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