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George 'Guns n Roses' Ryan brings some East Coast flavor to the Fast Five.

Are you gonna get a new rear tire for your DH bike soon?
New tires only for races. I like to keep a worn out tire on the back so I can skid better.

What is the nuttiest thing you've seen done on a bicycle this year?
Danny Hart's run because I watched live for 2 hours, the best riders in the world struggling to make it down that course, then he came through like it was dry. Oh, and Adam Hauck finally learning how to flip!

If you had one do-over in life, what would it be?
It hasn't happened yet, but when I die, I would like to have a do-over then, and I would make sure that I didn't die.

My fiancee wants to know if you've ever shaved your legs.
Ever since I got Lyme disease a few summers ago, I keep 'em trimmed so I can spot ticks easier.

What are two foods you will absolutely not eat, even for a million bucks?
Peanut butter & seafood

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