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East Coast legend, Aaron Chase digs into some Fast Five answers, then dries to dig his face into the ground with an arboreal auger.

What was the last thing you 360 tire tapped?
I rode yesterday with Hauck at my house, so it would be the spine in my back yard.

Who do you think would win in a cage match between Dave Smutok and Adam Hauck?
Who cares, I would steam roll them both!
(editor's note: Do I smell a challenge for Highland's closing weekend? Battle Royale?)

If you had one do-over in life what would it be?
I would skip that damn Qashqai tour in 07 so I'd have never broken my back.

Jumps are so big and tricks are so insane, do you think the consequences for modern slopestyle riders are getting too high?
I used to think so. When the last jump (mega Ramp) was built at the Red Bull District Ride, I was worried that the BIG line would only get back flipped or superman'd. Shortly before practice I was interviewed about the course and was asked, "what can we expect to see on the BIG jump?"  I really didn't know. Then a half hour into practice Lance McDermott front flipped the big one, and everyone unloaded everything they had. You name it! I've never seen progression happen so quickly.
         I don't think the jumps are too big, but if they are going to be big they need to be perfect.  If a skateboarder can 360 a 70ft (perfect) jump, then who knows what could happen if we give slopestyle that same scientific advantage.

Speaking of science, biology and physics were not on AC's side in this tree ride attempt.
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