DVO Introduces New Single Crown, Dual Crown and Air Shock 1

DVO Suspension fans are about to get excited with the arrival of new squishy bits.

DVO Onyx DH Fork

Those who have been patiently waiting for the new Onyx downhill fork from DVO will be pleased to know it will be available this December. The Onyx uses DVO’s Diamond damper in a  traditional “right-side-up” dual-crown layout with 203mm of travel. The fork has an updated Off The Top (OTT) adjustment and the air spring now accepts volume spacers. Adjustments include high-speed and low-speed compression and low-speed rebound. There are bleed valves on back of the fork to keep things running ultra smooth.

DVO Beryl Fork

The new Beryl fork (short for Beryllium) slots in at $300 less than the high-end Diamond fork without sacrificing on-trail performance. It sees a few less external adjustments which help reduce manufacturing costs. You’ll find the OTT negative spring adjustment and high-speed compression adjustment are now internally adjustable and a low-speed compression adjuster remains on the top of the right fork leg. The Beryl fork uses the same Diamond damper found on DVO’s top-of-the-line forks. It’s available now.

DVO Opal T2 Inline Air Shock

New for 2018, DVO is introducing the Opal; an inline air shock that features the same air can and similar tuning to the DVO Topaz. The T2 designation indicates it has a two-position compression adjustment which keeps the shock halfway into the compression or fully open. The lever can be flipped either way which makes it easy to use on the trail. It will be offered in sizes up to 210 x 55mm and will cover Metric, trunnion and standard layouts.


Learn about Bryson Martin, founder of DVO, in Vital's Inside Line Podcast

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