CushCore Goes Plus Sized 2

Tire inserts for bigger rubber.

CushCore plans to create a plus-sized version of their increasingly popular tire inserts, following unexpected demand for this particular variation. Those unfamiliar with the CushCore concept should know that it is said to improve sidewall stability by eliminating tire roll and squirm, prevent tire burping since it sits deep into the channel and spreads the tirewalls apart thus securing the bead, limit deformation, eliminate pinchflats and provide improved impact protection for your rims.

CushCore says that the sidewall pressure is key which is why they are now forced to create a different design for the 27.5+ size. Wanting to keep around the same 250 gram weight per insert they currently plan to add longitudinal channeling perpendicular to the rim to remove some of the material and keep things lighter. The plus versions are expected in December if all goes to plan.

For more information point your browser at, and you can also check out our Tire Insert Face Off to see how these handy inserts performs in real life testing (hint: CushCore did really well!).


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