Aaron Gwin Number Board and Fresh New Signature Grips From ODI 4

Lots of new goodies from ODI including the World Cup champ's very own number board design.

Aaron Gwin Number Board and Fresh New Signature Grips From ODI

New for 2018, ODI introduced us to several new products including a very clever number plate mount. This number board is without a doubt the cleanest design of this style that we've seen to date. It is ziptied to the fork stanchions and can accommodate a wide range of stanchion sizes thanks to the way it's made. ODI will have various color kits for those who want to make their number boards stand out.

Also new from ODI is the AG2 signature lock-on grip for ODI athlete Aaron Gwin. The AG2's follow in the footstep of the original AG introduced last year but have a larger diameter and a more tapered shape. The grips are thinner on the inside for control and a bit thicker on the outside for improved damping and comfort. They feature a single lockring on the inside and have a built-in endcap.

BMX hucksters, dirtjump lovers and street fiends will be interested in ODI's new Mike "Hucker" Clark signature edition grip. These grips are very wide and use a very soft rubber with thin ridges and a unique pattern making them ideal for gloveless use. Grabbing hold of them they truly do feel like a pillow for your hands, but they certainly appear to also offer a lot of control as with a little bit of pressure the grip firms up inside your hand.

The last two products we were introduced to fall within the ODI F-1 series. These lightweight grips are made with "AIRE" (Air-Infused Reactive Elastomer) compound, which is an elastomer injected with air molecules that help drastically reduce the weight. ODI offers the "Vapor" and "Float" grips with the F-1 series, with the Vapor grip featuring small dimples and traction points, while the Float grip is a much simpler design. These grips require you to glue them on. As an aside, if you're in Las Vegas be sure to stop by the ODI booth at 11h30am on Thursday September 21st for a chance to score an Aaron Gwin autograph, and to meet the man responsible for a few of ODI's latest creations.

For more information, point your browser at: www.odigrips.com.

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