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Thank you for your feed back. Ive always liked coil shocks but never had one on my enduro bike. But since Ive sold my DH bike and this one is my only bike I might get one.

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@lorio my experience with the X2 on the 150 was limited to just a demo ride.
I knew when I was buying the bike, that the coil would be added since the frame progression curve could accept it. I personally love the coil, and wouldn't have done it differently. If you want a super plush feel, and a super quick bike - the coil is the way to go. If your riding style is more on the jibbing/poppy/jumping off of everything, then stick with the X2.

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lorio left a comment 10/11/2019 3:19 AM


I also have an SB150 and thinking about to get that Push shock as well.
Have you rode the bike with the X2 before? If so do you think its worth getting one?
What is your experience?

Thanks Lori

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That's with an empty bottle...
Biggest contributors to weight:
Tire Inserts, Aluminum Crank Arms, One Up Pump and EDC Tool, Hubs, Tires, Coil Suspension.

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Nice build. Love the Fork decals Is the weight with filled bottle or why is it that heavy? :O

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