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Love the new one with Scott Hart. This is such an awesome perspective on MTB scene.

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I am relatively new to MTB. I have started racing MX bikes when I was 4 on a PW50 and raced for many years. I then moved over the MTB because MTB racing is or at least was when i started cheaper than MX racing. I still follow the sport very closely to ... more »

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Not sure if many on here listen to the Vital PODCast but is amazing. I only have an 8 minute commute in the morning so it took me over a week to listen to the Deity Components PODCast. Very impressed with the content. Keep up the good work

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This is why USA is starting to get a bad rep world wide... I was born and raised in South Africa and now live in Australia and honestly the advertising out of the "States" is just stupid. I watch AMA MX/SX all the time and some of the ads just blow my ... more »

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Sure why not... I just got into MTB... I am have actually not even taken my bike out yet... I need people to go ride with.

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Just a quick question. Wouldn't be easier for international guys to send say a "donation to Vital". Say $10 and just get the stickers sent that way. For me to organise a evenlope with the correct postage is a bit of a pain in the arse. Thanks

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How do I get VitalMTB stickers in Australia?

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Updated bike check v1rus99's Giant 10/6/2011 4:21 AM
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Oh yes........ Pump is attached to bike.... Forgot about that.

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Ok so I finally got my gear... TLD Gloves, shorts and Shirt. Giro Helmet Crank Brothers Multi-Tool. Camelback Tyre Irons Tube Shimano Shoes

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Awesome.... thanks for the advice... Seems I might need to go out and spend some more money....

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New member of VitalMTB, long time memeber of VitalMX. Anyway... Just got a Giant Anthem this week just to do some XC riding. Being new to the sport just want to know what most guys take with them on long rides. Would be nice to get some input.

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