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Trex - I think it's because of the nature of the MSA track. it's so damn rough and fast that it's hard to keep your feet on the pedals.

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Heal up stevie!

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Agree Sam Hill can win here regardless of the clip in jocks, depends on the changes they have made to the course as well, more pedally or more technical, hopefully the latter, I don't mind the pedalling aspect of MtB, bit if I want to watch road racing I will watch the...more

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my score..after 6 hours. hahaha..
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Pietermartizburg has never been a real WC level DH course in my opinion. It only makes sense to race a non DH bike on a non DH trail.

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Sam Hill's son sure grew up quick!

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If you watch the Video until the end, you get the songname:
andhim - flowerpower

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what's the song title? thank you

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cool! no 29" wheelsize!

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