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Curious that he ditched the travel adjust doohickies which are one of their trademark technologies.

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They show you the stats that back up their argument, so they leave out some important ones like acceleration. As someone who's done a few enduro races, I can tell you that it's the sprints between corners where you make up time, and a 26" wheel is always going to give you better acceleration, allowing you to get back up to speed quicker and with less energy (which is why Clementz and Graves are not at a disadvantage on their 26" bikes). So with a smaller wheel you might be a little slower in certain situations, but you'll be able to recover your speed more quickly. This is where the distinction between expert and beginner/intermediate riders come in. If you're not an incredibly strong rider like Clementz or Graves you're not going to have the energy to sprint out of every corner, thus the conservation of speed you get with bigger wheels probably will give you a faster time.

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How are those Chinese carbon rims working out?

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Raced with Ross at the Mag 7 EnduroCup last weekend. Super nice guy.

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The Minion up front has got to be a 2.5. I was on the fence about what tires to get but figured I would get what Joey here is riding since he's kicking so much ass. But my 2.35 looks way smaller and they don't even sell the 2.35 in a 3C compound.

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