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MRP Ribbon Air Fork

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MRP Ribbon
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The Ribbon Brings Ultimate Adjustability, Performance and Light Weight

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Near infinite adjustability, high performance damper, light weight, superb overall performance.

The Bad:

Lots of adjustments can be overwhelming, and it takes a little time to get it dialed. Not quite as stiff as a Lyric.

Overall Review:

The Ribbon offers more adjustability and performance than any other fork on the market while still coming in at a relatively light 4.2 lbs for the 29 version. With the FullFill negative/positive air springs you can dial in the amount of suppleness you like, using less air in the negative chamber to make it firm off the top or more air to maximize small bump compliance. Then with the Ramp Control you can dial in the progressivity, so you can have a fork that's super supple off the top but resists bottoming out on big hits, or go the other way and make it firm for pedaling, but able to use full travel on more moderately sized trail features. Being able to adjust the ramp without tools is invaluable too, as you can adjust mid-ride if you find yourself hitting larger than normal features, or if you find yourself not using all the travel; that's something you can't do with tokens. Then there's the twin-tube damper with low speed compression adjustment that ends up using less pressure than other, simpler designs for greater control and support throughout the stroke. Oh yeah, don't forget that the travel is adjustable from 120mm - 160mm for the 29er version and 140mm - 170mm for the 27.5.

It took a couple rides for me to get this fork dialed, but now I can't believe how supple yet supportive it is and how well it still manages to handle big hits. Stiffness is more than adequate, and the outcast arch design looks cool and doesn't fill with mud like every other fork. It also has pressure relief valves for bleeding off pressure in the lowers that develops from heat or elevation changes. To be honest I've yet to use them and feel a difference, mainly because the fork just always feels so damn good. But I've definitely encountered this problem with other forks, so it's good to know it's there.

Bottom line, this is a fork that brings the competition to the big guys in the suspension market, and ultimately surpasses them with a product that has no drawbacks and has a competitive weight and price to boot.


Product MRP Ribbon Air Fork
Riding Type Enduro / All-Mountain, Trail
Wheel Size 27.5" (650b), 29", 27.5+
  • 120mm
  • 130mm
  • 140mm
  • 150mm
  • 160mm
  • 170mm
Spring Type FulFill independent positive and negative chamber system
Damping Bladder-free damper utilizing a low-pressure IFP
External Adjustments Positive air-spring pressure, negative air-spring pressure, 8-position low-speed compression, 16-position Ramp Control, and rebound
Crown Single
Front Axle 15mm x 110mm (Boost)
Brake Mounts Post mount, 180mm (disc only)
Steer Tube Diameter Tapered only (1.5" - 1.125")
Steer Tube Construction
Stanchion Diameter 35mm
Colors All black chassis with 9 decal color options
  • 4 lb 2.4 oz (1,882 g)
  • 4 lb 3.2 oz (1,905 g)
Miscellaneous Design Highlights:
- Outcast arch design with forward-facing weight reliefs to mitigate mud build up
- New bladder-free damper utilizing a low-pressure IFP
- Independently adjustable positive and negative air-chambers for greater tunability
- PSST pressure-relief valves bleed off excess pressure in the lowers from elevation and temperature changes
- "Boost" spacing and 35mm stanchions

Internal Adjustments:
- Travel (in 5mm increments)

- 44mm (27.5"), 46* or 51mm (27.5+ / 29")
*46mm offset 27.5+ / 29 forks available by special request.

Tire Clearance:
- 27.5" Chassis: 27.5" x 2.6" on 35mm ID rim
- 27.5+ / 29" Chassis: 27.5" x 3.0" on 45mm ID rim, 29" x 2.6" on 35mm ID rim

- QR15 standard, "tooled" bolt-on axle optional

Axle-to-Crown Length:
- 27.5" 170mm : 562mm
- 27.5+ / 29" 160mm: 572mm
Price $989
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