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hi qblambda 6th element is a bike company that has been making carbon frames since 1990. The first frame was designed and built at the Australian National university by our founder who is a composites laminator, CNC machinist and Physics major. We do contract out to factories in China, but also in Taiwan and all our bikes and components are constructed exclusively with Japanese Toray pre-preg. Most of our bikes are our own exclusive design, designed in house and then contracted out for mould construction and layup. The first and subsequently every 20th plug out of every mould is destruction tested, with the plug tested chosen at random from a production batch. Sometimes we use open moulds as well. In many cases this is because the product we want is already in existence and it is far more cost effective to utilise an existing mould than to create one from scratch ourselves, especially when the frame in question is for a market segment which we do not expect a high volume of sales. In these cases exactly the same standards are followed and the same destruction testing protocols. Over the coming weeks we will upload the rest of our product range and you will be able to see many of our unique and exclusive designs. Thank you for your comment, and yes our factories that we contract to do manufacture for major EU/US brands as well. We understand how many westerners are ‘Chinesephobic’ and yes there are many ‘cheap’ products of questionable quality that have come from China in the past, but that is a thing of the past. We have been exceedingly happy with the product from our contracted factories and they are constantly retooling and upgrading their equipment at a rate that few if any bicycle companies could keep up with. Keep it rubber side down!

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