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i think it just means that the when you pull the brake the fluid travels to the piston quicker or the brakes is stronger

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Added reply in a thread Goggles for DH/Freeride 8/17/2013 3:31 PM Get these. I just got them and they are the best goggles i have ever owned. They havent fogged up once in the 2 months ive had them

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Im going to be buying a new frame soon, and i need to know the bottom bracket shell size of a 2008 big hit.

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I got an '08 bighit for 900 with a solid build i would just look at your local listings through pinkbike or craigslist

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I bent my chain ring and i need a new one. I need on that will fit on my saint cranks with a gamut p30 chain guide. I would also prefer if it wasnt the most expensive but not cheap. Any ideas?

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