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I need help in how to buy a Cheaper Downhill bike?

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1/7/2013 8:16 AM

Hi Guys, i need help, anyone knows who has a cheaper downhill bikes? i can only afford the "2012 Scott Voltage FR 30 Bike" and the most cheapest i can afford the "Airborne Taka Bike" Price: $1399.95, how do i order this? i dont have a credit card sad please help me..


1/9/2013 8:59 AM

Check out the products section above to find the bike you like, then find a used one online. I'm not a Pink Bike fan, but their for sale selection is massive. You might even be able to find what you want right there in the PHL.


3/1/2013 12:51 PM

I got an '08 bighit for 900 with a solid build i would just look at your local listings through pinkbike or craigslist