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I bought a brand new r2c2. stock spring was way too stif, I weight 135lbs. Put soft spring in (was a major pain in the ass as the top cap was over torqed from the factory), seem to not make a difference, so than I put the extra soft spring in, still not difference, took back to bike shop. The bike shop decided to replace dampner, rock shox sent wrong one, than sent one that had no threads in the bottom, than sent one that did not work, finally on the forth try they sent one that worked half way. The fork still didn't feel right. I discovered that if turned the bike upside down for 15 minutes or so that it felt great for a run. Fork went back to rockshox. It feels better but I am still not getting full travel depsite having extra soft springs and compression set as soft as it will go. I guess my next fork will be the fox 40. It a shame because I have rockshox lyric that has been bomb proof!

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Added reply in a thread Clipless OR Flat pedals for DH 6/25/2012 12:54 PM

Based on my personal experience I would say it depends on your experience level and what you are trying to do. I started out on clippless and it helped create bad habits that hurt my descending abilities. I was mainly doing cross country but as started ... more »

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I have been riding since 2005. I intially started out doing XC but became board with that and have in the last couple of years gotten into DH riding. I have had my fair share of injuries (broken foot/ankl on first mtb ride, broken nose, broken ankle ... more »

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