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Can you compare this bike to your previous sb55c plz ?


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how did u manage to rout the seat post cable inside the frame ??
did you drill it yourself ?!


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Could you talk a little about the brake ?
i got my eyes on the diretissima, but cant find enough reviews and side by side with other brakes.

how do they feel/brake compared to the other sram/shimano...

thanks !

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what a beast ! perfect build, nice color, i aim for the same theme :p

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hi fellow cyclist, why no one is talking and debating about the Enduro world series ? here on vital and on all other forum i go, pinkbike, mtbr... no one is talking about the race and the riders. what's the deal with the mountainbike community ? everyone ... more ยป

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Beautiful bike !! two question for you :
-are the spoke aerolite stiff enough for 29" wheel for enduro usage ?
-What is the weight of the ttx 22 in sb55 configuration and what shock size fit the frame ?

Thanks a lot I hope to build a similar bike soon

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Hello Jeff ! really nice review, exactly what i was looking for
In the gallery we see on some photos than you dropper post is almost full down maybe 1inch out, no ? So did you put a 150mm dropper or it seems than 125mm is enough no ?

And on the videos we see than you are a very skilled rider, Im afraid than with an average level it will be harder to turn with this bike, or to commit the bike into the turn. Since you say than you have to push the bike to get him where you like to go.
Anyway even with my ol' 26" I have trouble throwing him into turn ... so i guess im the problem :p xD

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