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Eastern States Cup Downhill Finals: Plattekill 7

Another epic Eastern States Cup DH season is in the books with Plattekill sealing the deal.

Eastern States Cup Downhill Finals: Plattekill

The 2019 Eastern States Cup Downhill Series came to an end this past weekend at the iconic Plattekill Mountain. Plattekill is one of the oldest downhill venues on the east coast and is famous for its shale rock and steep chutes. In classic Platty fashion, the weather held out for Saturday and Sunday morning then proceeded to start raining as the first group of racers came down the track in the afternoon. Nerves were a little tense and line choice reconsidered in the wet, but with it being the last race of the season, points were doubled allowing a chance for those to jockey for a better overall position. As always George Ulmer and Chris Gilbert put on an incredible season of racing in the northeast giving downhillers of all ages and skill levels a chance to see what they are made of in a positive, fun, and friendly environment. We are truly lucky to have those guys and all of the ESC crew. Their hard work and dedication allows everyone to enjoy a safe, fair race.

Dreams came true and hearts were broken, scroll down and check out who took to the podiums and who ended up getting into the top spots of the overall. Thank you to everyone who has checked out these posts throughout the season and big thanks to everyone that is down for the cause, #USDH for life! -Jack

For a full list of results click here


Alex and Ella McAndrew are truly a downhill power couple. Even in the wet conditions Alex, was one of two people able to get his run done in under 2 minutes (1:59.11) taking 1st place, and Ella rolled into 2nd place in the Pro Women's Cat for the last race of the season.

What Platty' is famous for: Shale.

Defiant Racing young gun, Andrew Driscoll.

Former World Cup racer Geoff Ulmer.

Tristan Gauvin.
Soli Auclair.

Fresh off a World Cup appearance in Snowshoe and an urban downhill race in South America, Mazie Hayden secured the overall win in the pro women's category as well as top step on the podium for the race.

Jim Busse, showing how it's done on the infamous chute before the G-out and sketchy right turn that claimed a lot of the riders that weekend.

Jorge Gomes with his 2020 Transition TR11.
Team manager for Pro Builds racing, Jorge is always positive and upbeat and one of the many friendly faces you always see at the ESC races. Thank you for all you do for our sport #USDH.
Pro Builds rider: Dylan Yoder.
Pro Builds rider: Jason Beckley.

Steve Day.

Fall in the Catskills.

Who remembers who won the Pro Women's?
A generously long pedal section before the chute, wonder how many millions of thoughts went through their heads on this.

One of the sickest riders on the hill: Dylan Conte.

Defiant Racing's Logan Tiger at the point of no return.

Tristan Lemire almost crossing the finish line on his head. Watch out for this young Canadian, he is throwing down times that put him in the Pro Mens top 10 every time.

Kristin Lenart taking 3rd place at Plattekill.
Steve Estabrook finished his season taking the series overall title. The Defiant Racing pinner has a background in Moto and although he is new to our sport he is clearly getting up to speed quickly.
Katlin Parenteau with pupper.
Pro Men: 1st. Alex McAndrew 2nd. James Frost 3rd. Mauricio Estrada 4th. Isaac Allaire 5th. Ale Caerols.
Pro Women: 1st. Mazie Hayden 2nd. Ella McAndrew 3rd. Kristin Lenart 4th. Riley Miller 5th. Ivanna Estrada.
Expert 15-18 Boys: 1st. Tristan Lemire 2nd. Jack Dichiara 3rd. Matt Driscoll 4th. Andrew Driscoll 5th. Antoine Jacques.
Amateur Women: 1st. Abigail Ronca 2nd. Katlin Parenteau 3rd. Renee Werntges 4th. Heather Gray 5th. Megan Darrow.
Expert 40 plus: 1st. Paulo Martins 2nd. Jason Beckley 3rd. Damian Sanchez 4th. Erik Hudson 5th. Mark Schnepel.
Under 15 Boys: 1st Logan Tiger 2nd. Cristian Suarez 3rd. Jonah Freedman 4th. Noah Taube Perrotta 5th. Jamie Arquit.
Amateur 30-44 Men: 1st. Eric Miller 2nd. Romero Koblinger 3rd. Erik Falk 4th. Matthew Thompson 5th. Aaron Perry.
45 plus Men: 1st. Fred Basset 2nd. Andy Marek 3rd. Mike Nathanson 4th. Brian Rutter 5th. Eric Auclair.
U12 Boys: 1st. Gabriel Johnson 2nd. Tristan Gauvin 3rd. Wolfgang Weimersheimer 4th. Logan Arthurs 5th. Axel Ouvrard.
Amateur 16-29 Men: 1st. Timothy Zima 2nd. James Miller 3rd. Sebastian Whittle 4th. Corey Sullivan 5th. Logan Brunton.
Expert: 19-29 Men: 1st. Owen Giese 2nd. Alex Pierce Mercer 3rd. Collin McBride 4th. Chris Sinclair 5th. Jared Wood.
Expert 30-39 Men: 1st. Steve Day 2nd. Mark Marrongelli 3rd. Cody Greatbatch 4th. David Boisjoly 5th. Joshua Miller.

ESC organizer George Ulmer, dishing out the goods in between podiums. The adults line up for it just like the kids... because who doesn't want free swag.

Heads up!!!

Pro Men Series Overall: 1st. Steve Estabrook 2nd. Mauricio Estrada 3rd. Isaac Allaire 4th. James Frost 5th. Jordan Daigle.
Pro Women Series Overall: 1st Mazie Hayden 2nd. Kristin Lenart 3rd. Ivanna Estrada.
Amateur 16-29 Men Series Overall: 1st. Timothy Zima 2nd. Ian McNaughton 3rd. Jackson
Amateur Women Series Overall: 1st. Abigail Ronca 2nd. Heather Gray 3rd. Katlin Parenteau.
Amateur 30-44 Men Series Overall: 1st. Aaron Perry 2nd. Romero Koblinger 3rd. Brian Kennedy.
Expert 15-18 Men Series Overall: 1st. Matt Driscoll 2nd. Jack Dichiara 3rd. Antoine Jacques.
Expert 19-29 Men Series Overall: 1st. Jared Wood 2nd. Sean McKnight 3rd. Zane Bard.
Expert 30-39 Men Series Overall: 1st Steve Day 2nd. Cody Greatbatch 3rd. Mark Marrongelli.
Expert 40 plus Men Series Overall: 1st. Paulo Martins 2nd. Mark Schnepel 3rd. Marcos Lira.
Under 12 Boys Series Overall: 1st. Gabriel Johnson 2nd. Tristan Gauvin 3rd. Logan Arthurs.
Under 15 Men Series Overall: 1st. Logan Tiger 2nd. Cristian Suarez 3rd. Jonah Freedman.
45 plus Men Series Overall: 1st. Andy Marek 2nd. Mike Nathanson 3rd. Vincent Bellafiore.
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