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Troy Brosnan 3:22:20
Tracey Hannah 4:00:00

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Loris Vergier 4:30:50
Rachel Atherton 5:02:22

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I want that job so bad haha. bugger uni

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This is exactly what is happening to me on my Giant Reign with SRAM X1. It then makes my derailleur hanger loose and my skewer works itself loose also. SO annoying.

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Loic Bruni 3:24:33
Tahnee Seagrave 3:55:22

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Loic Bruni 2:53:29
Manon Carpenter 3:27:49

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That is sexy as! Red forks just make it so good. Wish more fork manufacturers made coloured stanchions. The scorpion stand is just the icing on the cake with the fox spring.

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Added a product review for Troy Lee Designs SE Pro Bike Jersey Jersey 2/15/2016 2:34 AM

Not that exciting


The Good: Good with a t-shirt underneath Easy to wash

The Bad: Too thin Too warm for summer in Australia Fabric can easily rip Not the greatest colour scheme


I have had the blue/orange jersey for 3 years now. I love wearing the jersey on a winter ride, however it isn't the best jersey for freezing cold days and it is fairly bad for the warmer days. It is well ventilated but the long sleeves can keep you too warm on a 20+ degree Celsius day.

The fabric is very very thin and thus the jersey isn't great when wearing a backpack due to it rubbing on your shoulders and back too much. I have tried this with multiple hydration packs/backpacks. I usually wear a t-shirt underneath the jersey which works great on winter rides. As the fabric is thin and has many holes to ventilate it, it is also very easy to rip if it were to catch on anything sharp.

The good things about this jersey is that it works well with a t-shirt underneath and is easy to wash.

There are definitely better jerseys available now.

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Added a product review for Rock 'n Roll Extreme Lube 2/12/2016 5:42 PM

Use it in the wet, not the dry


The Good: Perfect for wet conditions

The Bad: Bad for dry conditions


As Rock n' Roll state, this lube is meant for wet conditions. I have used it in both wet and dry. In the wet this product is great, however in the dry, your chain will collect all the dust and dirt it can find. You'll find yourself having to re-clean your chain a lot more often. Can't go wrong with the price either. I have found this for $10 in LBS near me.

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Added a product review for Rock 'n Roll Gold Lube 2/12/2016 5:40 PM

AMAZING for every season but winter


The Good: Easy to apply, cleans your chain and lubes it, last a while, cheap.

The Bad: Not great for wet conditions.


I absolutely LOVE this product for the dryer months/days. It helps keep dust and dirt off the chain when it is dry. It is super easy to apply to your chain and last a long time. I have found it for $10 at multiple bike shops around me. It does struggle in winter and wet rides, but that is when i use the extreme rock n' roll lube (blue).

Can't go wrong with this product and it isn't a burden to your money pocket.

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Added a product review for Truvativ Holzfeller Stem 2/12/2016 5:34 PM

Does the job


The Good: Good geometry, great pricing, looks okay, easy to maintain.

The Bad: Needs more colour variations.


I have had this stem on my bike for 9 months now. It feels strong and is easy to set up. The aesthetics of it could be improved on in regards to the logos and minimal colour options. The pricing of the stem is awesome. The shape and design of the stem look good, strong but not bulky. The three length options allow you to get the fit you want for your am/downhill bike.

Overall I am very happy with this product.

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Added a product review for Fox Racing Flux 2/12/2016 5:20 PM

A decent helmet


The Good: Protects your head, good ventilation, comfortable, easy to adjust, not bad on the eye, works with glasses.

The Bad: Chin adjustment strap is too long, rubber band that holds the strap together easily breaks, minimal spots for stickers, no action camera mount.


I have been riding with this helmet for 2 and a half years now. This helmet is one of the most comfortable helmets to wear and is quite well ventilated. The addition of spare sweat pads adds a bonus to purchasing this helmet.

I have had one main issue with this helmet, which is the chin strap. The chin strap is too long and has too much excess even when you tie it down with the rubber band. The rubber band is very useful it joining two straps together, however it is quite fragile and breaks easily.

Another issue is the lack of places to stick a sticker to the helmet. There are a lot of ventilation holes, which is great, but this also means less areas to stick rad stickers.

The helmet also does not work well with action camera mounts. The best alternative i have found is using duct tape to hold the base of a camera mount down to the helmet. IF you're into your POV footage, i'd stay away from this helmet.

Washing the pads is super easy to do in a hot bowl of water and soap.

Overall, this helmet is by far one of the most comfortable helmets to wear and keeps your head safer than you could think of.

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Added a product review for G-Form Knee Pad 2/12/2016 5:10 PM

Good but not great


The Good: Does what is says- protects on impact, covers sides of knee, soft and lightweight, easy to put on.

The Bad: Scrunches up and moves out of place when riding, can be tight around calves, logo scrapes off over use.


I have been using these knee pads for 3 years now. Overall i am satisfied with them for the style of riding. They would not be great for downhill riding, however, they are perfect for xc and am/enduro riding. They are very lightweight and easy to slide on.

I have two pet peeves with these pads. One is that they scrunch up around the back of the knee. I have been told you can cut out an oval shape to stop them from scrunching up... but what is the point in removing something that you payed for. The other pet peeve is that the protective rubber spot moves around up and down/side to side over time when riding. You'll notice that you'll have to re-adjust them at times throughout your ride.

As far as i have noticed, the science behind them works and i have not hurt my knee on any crashes or falls when using them. The padding coves the sides of your knee which i find to be of nothing but benefit and positive to this product.

Overall i am happy that i purchased these.

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Added a product review for Troy Lee Designs Skyline Short 2/12/2016 5:00 PM

Too good to go wrong


The Good: Very comfortable, adjustable, great sizing, ergonomic for cycling and storing items in the pockets, easy to clean

The Bad: Minimal storage


I have been wearing these shorts for over 3 years. These shorts are perfect for any type of cycling. They are far more comfortable for riding in than any other style of shorts i have tried. The pockets on each side of the thighs are great for holding your items such as a phone, coins, headphones and even a muesli bar. The zip pocket on the rear is also very useful for storing items such as tyre lever or spare derailleur hanger.

The adjustable waste allows for perfect sizing and comfort around the hips and is useful if you wear padded undershorts underneath.

The fabric of the short allows for you to glide over your saddle and keeps you from getting caught on the nose of your saddle.

There is also the option to cut/shorten the length of the shorts with sewen seems.

The only negative i can find with these shorts is there only being three pockets, however, these shorts are perfect if you wear a backpack while riding or do not need a lot of storage on you.

Well worth the money.

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Added a product review for Troy Lee Designs XC Gloves 2/11/2016 8:56 PM

They do the job


The Good: Good air flow, light weight, large variety of colours and sizes, touch screen compatible, leather edging near wrist.

The Bad: Velcro strap stops working, too thin for long rides, TLD logo peels off .


I have been riding with these gloves for 9 months now and have overall been satisfied with how they have protected my hands. They have covered a large variety of impacts, from the big step down crashes to the embarrassing "i couldn't un-clip from my pedals" falls.

I'll start with the negative and end with the good.


Velcro strap: The velcro strap which keeps the glove tight around your wrist is the main negative and let down in this product. After about 10 rides the velcro strap looses it's strength and manges to comes loose constantly when riding. It is a fairly bignuisance when you have to re-strap it multiple times.
Padding: The glove's padding and thickness is okay for a couple of hours of riding, but becomes less and less effective the longer you ride. There almost comes a time when you wish to take them off due to it being too thin.

Decals: TLD needs to step it up when it comes to the decals and rubber logos on their gloves. The TLD logo and rubber designs start to detatch from the fabric. I have found this too occur on their older style gloves also.


Air flow: TLD have made 6 small pin sized holes in a triangle shape on the palm of the glove which help increase air flow. I find these to be useful when my hands are off the grips and the wind can actually reach them. There are also two holes on each finger of the glove except for the thumb slot.

Pricing: The price for the XC TLD glove is decent and not too expensive or over the top compared to some other brands.

Colour Options: The variety of colours offered for this glove will help any rider complete their riding kit. A negative to the colouring over time is that it begins to fade and turn brown if you neglect to wash the glove for a while.

Weight: The glove has a light weight feel to it, which is what you'd expect from a xc glove, however, this is counter balanced by the little amount of padding which becomes noticeable after some time riding.

Touch Screen Compatible: The glove is very easy to use with a touchscreen such as a phone or Garmin, even in the wet!

Leather edging: There is a thin roll of leather edging around the wrist and velcro strap of the glove which gives the glove a enclosed feel and sense of security for nothing to be able to get inside the glove when wearing it (e.g.- rocks, dirt). This small feature is very convenient for when you hit the ground.

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Added reply in a thread What Would You Do for MTB if You Won the $1,300,000,000 Powerball Jackpot? 1/9/2016 1:56 AM

Probs pay for the food and bevs at my local trail build days.... AND THEN spend heaps on travel at whistler and giving to mtb clubs and parks and do heaps of shouts at the local pub and just do anything that puts a smile on a bikers face... and of course, ... more »

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wrong again...fuhhh

Added a comment about press release Road2Recovery Fund Set Up to Assist Paul Basagoitia 10/19/2015 11:56 PM

This fund is also going. Hoping this guy sends the cash to Paul and doesn't take it for himself.

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Liked a comment on the item Opinion: When Does Risk Outweigh the Reward? How Red Bull Rampage Changed Our Perspective 10/19/2015 7:57 PM

Couldn't agree more. Thanks for naming and calling those stakeholders into question.