- Elliot Vallon // Schralp !!! -

"Schralp" is the word for the sound and act of hauling ass over pool coping on a skateboard. It's not grinding on top of the coping in a 50-50, but slashing through the side of it.
In MTB schralp is a verb and means to rip, shed or tear something up. In this case a berm or corner on a mountain bike trail.
Watch Elliot Vallon, one of the French VVRacing Academy pilots, schralping corners of the 4 Seasons Bikepark black track. From the top to the arrival, he destroys many berms and he goes faster and faster on these natural lines !
This video was shot to help this young rider, by a volunteer videomaker, on an associative bikepark.

https://www.facebook.com/julien.tchouktv.5/     @tchouktv

https://www.facebook.com/vallon.elliot     @elliotvallon91

https://www.facebook.com/4seasonsbikepark     @4seasonsbikepark

Credit: tchouktv

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