The Eighth - V10 Development: Ep2

In the last episode, we covered development: testing and riding multiple designs and making the decision to stick with an iterative VPP frame before giving a glimpse of the production frame in carbon. 


In episode 2, the Syndicate sees the bike in the flesh for the first time, then jumps right into abusing it at Test Camp in New Zealand, where we hear first impressions from some happy pilots. Finally, they hit their first race of the season: the Australian DH Nationals at Thredbo.


Stay tuned for episode 3, where we'll cover the adjustments built into the Eighth V10 and chat with the team mechanics about each rider's specific setups. 


The Syndicate will be racing this bike in 2023 and they will continue to develop it throughout the year. Future episodes will dive further into the process of making a world class downhill race bike even faster. 

When will it go on sale? No time soon. This is development in plain sight.


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