'Compulsion' Ft. Tor Cameron 1

Our short piece, "Compulsion" is a testament to the passion and dedication that Vancouver Island freerider, Tor Cameron puts into his building and riding. Built and shot between October 2021 and May 2023, "Compulsion" features a series of freeride lines built by Tor and friends in the forests of Southern Vancouver Island.

Video: Liam Morgan
Riding: Tor Cameron
Building: Tor Cameron & Nick Griffiths
Still Photography: Liam Morgan & August Nesbitt
Special Thanks: Sydney Rens, August Nesbitt, Andrew Giesbrecht, Max Field, Sam Eagles, Bradley Wright & Elwyn Thom
Music: Hovvdy/Lomelda - Swing, Knox Brown - The People
Shot on the Unceded Traditional Territories of the Coast Salish First Peoples

Credit: Liam Morgan

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