CIRCLES - Brett Rheeder 1

In his new edit - CIRCLES - Brett Rheeder pushes the production level up a notch by partnering with well respected director Clay Porter. This short film is an ode to freeride in all its forms. From scouting the Atacama Desert and Queenstown areas, to finding pristine faces to ride, to big air DH sessions in the ancient forests of British Columbia and Patagonia… Brett lets his pure talent and style shine through, behind the handlebars of a UNIQUE SUPREME DH V5, specially created for the occasion.

"Working with Clay is amazing. He’s a true visionary and knows exactly what he wants when it comes to filming and editing. I like giving filmmakers creative control so the project is a collaboration rather than directing everything myself. Clay is a legend, and I trust in his creativity, so it’s super fun working with him." - Brett Rheeder

Rider: Brett Rheeder
Film & Edit: Clay Porter
Cinematography : Matty Miles & Cole Nelson
Drone : Matty Miles, Heloise Lamberti, Rupert Walker
Titles: Jon Gregory
Photography : Tyler Ravelle, Heloise Lamberti, Neil Kerr
Post Sound : Keith White Audio

Credit: Commencal

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