Park and Ride 12

Josh Gee and Chad Allen riding their bicycles

Credit: Exitwelve
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  • bturman

    11/15/2010 12:42 PM

    Woot woot! Well done.

  • ExiTwelve

    11/15/2010 6:48 AM

    Big thanks again to everyone out there for their support. The vid took the online win, and also won the "Riders of the Gnareast" category, which means the minibus will be on the road again headin to a NEMBA film fest on Dec 4th somewhere in Mass, where "Park and Ride" will be shown again; pretty cool. So once again, BIG THANKS to everyone for their support.

  • Ryan_Bocchino

    11/14/2010 6:39 PM

    I have a question. i know you guys use actual downhill bikes. but what if i got a duel suspension but its not catergorized as a downhill. will it still be okay for doijg some downhill? not too hrdcore but a small mountain like an hour from my house? if you could get back to me. anybody thatd be great. thanks

  • ExiTwelve

    11/10/2010 3:18 PM

    Thanks everyone for the comments, glad you all enjoyed watching our video, we def had fun making it. Thank you also to everyone who has voted on and rated it, we appreciate it.


    11/9/2010 7:41 AM


  • dick.patty

    11/8/2010 7:39 PM

    ya guy.

  • ronicajojo

    11/7/2010 5:36 PM

    NICE!!! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!!!

  • Melissa_Baxter

    11/7/2010 10:10 AM

    GREAT VIDEO! I can't believe ♥Hannah keeps up with you guys, atleast it'll tucker her out and she'll sleep like a baby... :-)

  • janene.willsey

    11/7/2010 7:59 AM

    Makes me want to be IN THE WOODS on my bike .... going soon

  • William_Anderson

    11/7/2010 6:20 AM


  • Knight

    11/7/2010 5:38 AM


  • Larry

    11/7/2010 3:09 AM


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