Golden State Journey with KC Deane 1

KC Deane is what could be best described as a globetrotting adventurer. Equally adept on two skis as he is on two wheels, he’s as excited about unspoiled backcountry powder as he is loamy singletrack. Not many athletes can claim a pro status in both skiing and mountain biking, resulting in a diversity that includes covers of skiing magazines, as well as having ridden Red Bull Rampage, which he did in 2014.

Whether it’s creating a photo campaign with Eddie Bauer or performing for a Powder, Backcountry or Bike magazine cover shoot, KC is used to loading his gear, grabbing his worn passport and heading to far-flung locations to shoot epic content. Switzerland. Iceland. Canada. China. That stands to reason that we expect him to go on the search; we’ve become tempered to the fact that you have to “go” to find epic. Go away, go out there, to experience awesome. That it requires a passport to see things awe-inspiring, to experience things epic.

But sometimes, amazing is right under your nose…


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